What are new investors looking for​?

The stock market is rapidly evolving.

2020 welcomed millions of new stock investors looking for their bull market.
Many of whom are millennials who want to position themselves ahead and above market trends.

They are following the next big trends and are in search of a credible online presence.

This is why we believe adapting the communication strategies to reach these new investors through targeted advertising campaigns, a complete revamp of the brand image and the use of the latest technology is absolutely crucial.

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Average first deposit.
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the list of actionable things we'll do for your measurable success

How we'll make the investor hear your story


Complete redesign of the website


Social media enhancement


Online presence enhancement for investor relations


Creation of corporate identity


Suggestions for future plans


Content creation for press release


External promotional campaigns


New business acquisition


Increase in international presence



The goal is to get people to think about not only what Affinor does, but also about what Affinor truly represents.
For people to see its full potential, it is to unveil the brand’s core values.

Let's say we invested

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Interactions with AffinorGrowers’ ad
on social media platform.

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Unique clicks on the campaign’s website
and/or landing page.

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Estimated average of 2000 single
downloads of The Investor’s PDF.


Single video views on weekly updates and/or
different promotional content.

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Potential AffinorGrowers investors.

We push

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Average increase in sales after 3 months.

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Satisfied clients who took the tour with us.

Phase 1

Complete rebrand

In the first 2 weeks, we’ll create a company identity through a complete rebrand of the image, website media content, and online presence.
We will come on-site to create audio and video media content.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Investor relations & more rebranding

After we give the overall image a bit of love, we’ll enhance your online presence with investor relations (such as Investorhub, Yahoofinance, Stockrants, etc)

We’ll also keep working on the company’s branding like the investor deck, business cards, product services, and brochures.

Phase 2

Phase 3


We’ll drop all-new content and publish the website, start awareness campaigns, and increase online investor presence.

Phase 3

Phase 4

New members & press release

We’ll then focus on hiring and announcing new advisory board members (goal of 5). As a part of that plan, we will also create content for press releases, such as professionally written and reviewed articles.

Phase 4

Phase 5

Marketing & acquisition

Once everything is in place, our team will primarily focus on promoting different aspects of the company through mailing lists and targeted marketing. We will take that opportunity to find new businesses to acquire and/or work with.

Phase 5

Your team of experts


Marketing Director


Creative Director


Web Designer

Looking forward to doing business with you


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